Why ER Doctor Urgent Care Centers ?

No Appointment Necessary. Open Evenings and Weekends.

Studies show that fewer than 20 percent of the population even have what they could call a personal physician. Of those who do, less than 12 percent of the people who need a doctor are able to get an appointment the same day they need one.

Lack of access to the primary provider, or no relationship at all with a primary care provider are both factors which make the urgent care center an attractive alternative to scheduling an appointment with a primary care physician when episodic health care is needed.

MyERDoctors | Urgent Care Center servicing Wellington, Lake Worth and surrounding Florida citiesAt ER Doctors Urgent Care, our patients appreciate getting top quality medical care during our convenient hours, open evenings and weekends, with no appointments necessary.

Where will you go with your next injury?

At ER Doctors Urgent Care, we offer a clean, comfortable and state of the art healing environment where most patients are seen, treated and released in less than an hour.

And No Inflated Emergency Room Bills!

About half of all emergency services go uncompensated, according to CMS. Who makes up the difference?

YOU DO! The average emergency department bill is now over $850!

At ER Doctors Urgent Care, we pledge never to raise the price of your medical care to compensate for other people who won’t pay their bills!

Urgent Care Benefits to You:

Seen promptly, most patients are treated and released in less than an hour.

  • Your co-pay is usually half the price of most ER’s!
  • Open evenings and weekends and most major holidays.
  • High tech computer office system with fully digitized X-Ray reduces wait time.
  • Sprains, strains, and fractures are x-rayed on the premises.
  • No appointment necessary.