Car Accidents

No one really can measure the amount of trauma a car accident can put you through unless you have been in one yourself. An auto accident injury requires urgent care.

We understand the kind of impact it can have on you and your family. For years, our physicians have treated thousands of auto accidents patients. At My ER Doctors Urgent Care Centers we know it’s more than just treating your injuries, its making sure that you have every opportunity for a full recovery. That process begins the minute you walk in our doors.

Our physicians will see you immediately after your accident at any one of our convenient locations. A thorough medical exam will be performed along with any necessary diagnostic tests that will be ordered that day. We do this so we can properly assess your injuries and determine the right course of care you may need.

Once the medical exam is completed the doctor will go over his findings and make his recommendations for treatment, which may include medication for pain and or therapy to ease your body back without having long term complications. The doctor will also make recommendations for your work, whether you may need time off or restrictions which may have an impact on your recovery.

Recovery is more than treating injuries at Injury Care Centers. Its much more than that for us.

Don’t endure trauma twice from this accident because of bad choices you make now, choose the experience Injury Care Centers has and let us help you every step of the way.

In Wellington, FL, My ER Doctors is THE place to go if you need urgent care for pain relief following a car accident.  If you have an auto accident injury we can also provide rehabilitation and have you back to normal in the shortest possible time.