Diabetes Evaluation and Treatment

Diabetes Evaluation Services

Diabetes is a disease that affects people of all ages and backgrounds. If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes you are likely facing many questions.

Upon your first visit to My ER Doctors Urgent Care Center, we will run tests and talk with you to evaluate your condition and stage of diabetes.

With My ER Doctors Urgent Care Center, you can rest at ease knowing that you are getting the highest quality medical care from experts. All of our staff members and physicians are experienced in counseling new patients about their disease.

Diabetes Treatment Services

We provide comprehensive diabetes treatment services, utilizing a variety of methods to treat and manage your symptoms and circumstances.

On you first visit to our offices, you will meet with one of our physicians, a physician assistant, a Diabetes Nurse Educator, and a certified nutritionist. During this process we will look at the current medications that you are taking, run lab tests and talk with you about your diet and exercise regimen.