Meet our Ideal Protein Health Coaches


Mary Gonyer

Mary is our evening health coach.  As a former Ideal Protein dieter, she knows how well the program works!  After losing her desired amount of weight and having so much more energy, she was inspired to be a coach and help others!  Mary is also a caregiver for her mother.  Seeing the effects that high blood pressure and cholesterol have had on her inspires Mary even more to show others how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food:  Vanilla Crispy Squares

From:  Florida native

Profession:  GM of local printing company for 30 years

Enjoys:  fundraisers and walks

Loves:  her 3 adorable grandbabies


Jade Vorster

Jade is our new daytime health coach!  She recently moved back to her Southern Florida home after attending Liberty University, where she earned her master’s degree in public health.  She previously studied at the University of Hawaii, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a pre-medical focus.  Passionate about health and people, Jade is excited about helping you change your life with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method!

Favorite Ideal Protein Food:  Ready-to-Serve Mango Drink

Places Traveled:  South Africa, Hawaii, Guam, Phillipines, soon to visit Sweden

Hobbies:  beach volleyball, scuba diving, reading

Pets:  cat, named Little Kitty